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Persuasive essay about abortions Essay Example

Powerful article about premature births Paper Fetus removal has been perhaps the greatest discussion ever. Numerous individuals trust it is 100% off-base and even believe it to be murder. The meaning of premature birth is; â€Å"The end of pregnancy by the expulsion or ejection from the uterus of a baby or incipient organism before being fit for typical growth.† These genius life devotees don't bolster the possibility of fetus removal and trust it ought to be unlawful. A significant number of these supporters don't realize that if fetus removal were unlawful they would even now be performed, shockingly by an uneducated staff. More than 70 thousand maternal passings happen each year in light of dangerous premature births. These ladies bite the dust, so supporting star life is opposing, this is the reason the country ought to be master decision. Expert decision devotees bolster the privilege to security and the thought ladies ought to have the decision to do what they please with their own body and unborn youngster. For instance, a lady is assaulted by a man and gets pregnant with his kid. She chooses she doesn’t need to keep the infant and she has a fetus removal in light of the fact that bringing up an offspring of her attacker is excessively excruciating for her to manage. Star decision safeguards take feelings to this lady while she at that point gets called a killer by ace life supporters. Premature births now and again brings about the lady being annoyed due to the decision she has made about her own body. At some point circumstances like this transforms into provocation which can be viewed as a feature of hostile to premature birth viciousness. These â€Å"pro-life supporters† tail, compromise, and even in some cases murder ladies who have decided to have a fetus removal and even the specialists that giv e the methods. Ace life additionally underpins the possibility that each kid has an option to live, regardless of whether the mother isn't monetarily ready to help the kid and the kid would battle regularly alongside their mom. These kids would be oppressed and might pass on from the conditions they’ve be compelled to live in. Again this is the thing that individuals that are viewed as â€Å"pro-life† guard. We will compose a custom article test on Persuasive exposition about premature births explicitly for you for just $16.38 $13.9/page Request now We will compose a custom exposition test on Persuasive paper about premature births explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer We will compose a custom exposition test on Persuasive paper about premature births explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer Star decision underpins the young lady that is fifteen years of age loses her virginity and becomes pregnant on the grounds that she wasn’t completely mindful of the results of her activities. The decision of her keeping the youngster would bring about her getting kicked out of her home, she’d be finically unfit to help the child, and she would lose her instruction. With premature birth she would not need to manage these issues, however she would need to manage the enthusiastic viewpoint ofâ deciding to end the pregnancy. Genius decision underpins the thought she would gain from her mix-up and that eventually it was her decision to do what she wished with her body. Despite the fact that these â€Å"Pro Life supporters† think surrendering your youngster for selection is a superior decision than a premature birth, yet those kids would be compelled to live in an unfit cultivate home till they age out of the framework. After they turn 18 they are out on the roads what makes the ladies who would prefer simply have a premature birth need to think about when they realize their kid is in an encourage home and most likely no happier than where they would be in the event that she would have quite recently kept it? You need to manage the passionate conditions after a premature birth for some time yet you need to manage not recognizing what the kid you surrendered needs to experience regularly ordinarily of your life is much harder than the enthusiastic cost of a fetus removal Despite the fact that numerous individuals practice master life as a result of their religion, it might be astonishing to discover that catholic ladies are 29% bound to get a fetus removal than Protestant ladies, however they are as likely as all ladies to do as such. In Christianity fetus removal has been viewed as manslaughter since Pope Sixtus V pronounced it along these lines, yet the discussion didn’t become warmed until the nineteenth century. So even these star life supporters now and then discover the conditions where premature birth is vital. A case of a circumstance where you may see this is in a given circumstance where bearing a kid and conceiving an offspring would execute the mother on account of medical problems or belly intricacies the embryo would have. It’s said that the dangers of death related with labor is multiple times higher than that of fetus removal. This demonstrates life is too situational to state whether fetus removal ought to be illicit. Around 14,000 ladies get premature births fallowing assault. It is additionally assessed that there are millions premature births a year. Envision that those premature births had not happened with the current populace issue on the planet, there are more than 7 billion individuals on the planet and we have constrained assets which are blurring rapidly. Expert life supporters don't see the circumstances, reasons, and â€Å"benefits† from premature births. They are oblivious to the motivation behind why numerous ladies decide to settle on the choice they do. It is clear fetus removal ought to stay legitimate; regardless of whether it appears to be improper it can frequently be the best circumstance for theâ people that need to settle on that extreme choice. Expert decision guards and ensures the individuals, it is eventually the woman’s life that would be influenced and nobody else’s, who might the administration be to remove that from us the individuals? We live in a nation dependent on opportunities, and ladies have and should keep on having the opportunity to that decision. Likewise, if ladies are compelled to shoulder the youngster and surrender it or need to keep it there will be such a significant number of little youngsters on government assistance and food stamps. Indeed, even joblessness in light of the fact that they don’t have the way to deal with these kids yet are being compelled to keep them. Our nation in as of now in the red for what reason would we say we are going to compel individuals to get these kids only for the legislature to need to pay to deal with them and be put considerably further into obligation? What's your opinion about premature birth should ladies have the option to settle on their own choice on whether they should keep THEIR youngster or get a fetus removal? View as multi-pages

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Bubbles by Chris Martenson Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Air pockets by Chris Martenson - Essay Example The 2007 lodging bubble is an ongoing case of an air pocket that has influenced the American economy and the remainder of the world. The creator has indicated that in spite of the fact that the air pocket began route in 1998, it was still never halted. As the creator describes, bubbles have their way around with the individuals. As such, individuals consistently will in general get fooled into accepting that things will be unique. In light of the video, clearly air pockets can be dodged if individuals quit being guided by the bogus dream that â€Å"this time, things will be different.† likewise, in the United States, the Federal Reserve flopped in its obligation to ensure general society against the lodging bubble. In any event, when the indications of the air pocket began to appear, the Federal Reserve kept on bringing down loan costs. It was somewhat utilizing explores to persuade the open that the lodging was not going to make an advantage bubble. From this, the video focus es to the significance of having a powerful national bank framework in forestalling such monetary disasters. In the United States, the Federal Reserve neglected to follow up on the issue before it turned out to be too big. Finally, the video shows that an advantage bubble is only a pointer of a more concerning issue. The lodging bubble was only a pointer of expanded obtaining. There was an expansion in the red from $27 trillion out of 2000 to $48 trillion of every 2007. This shows how resource bubbles influence different parts of the economy. What's more, bubbles are damaging on the grounds that individuals/associations will in general make an inappropriate ventures.

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A Substance Misuse Patient, Either Drug or Alcohol Use Essay

A Substance Misuse Patient, Either Drug or Alcohol Use - Essay Example Lamentably for the patient being referred to, his circumstance has been terrible to the point that it has come about into a habit (Furniss et al., 2000). Essentially, the circumstance disintegrated on the grounds that the patient didn't approach powerful guiding to win him out of the abuse of medications when the circumstance was first begun. This makes the patient a perfect subject for a contextual analysis since it goes far to plot the fundamental duties of substance abuse nurture on medications and liquor that have been dismissed (British Medical Association and Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, 2002). Tragically most substance abuse attendants give such a great amount of consideration to treatment and fix rather than avoidance. When this occurs, many individuals whose degree of comprehension on tranquilize use is low will be influenced over the long haul. What is significantly all the more upsetting is the way that once the impacts of substance misuse become weakened , it gets hard to invert them. Should attendants be proactive in their obligations, it would go far to instructing the majority on the need to oppose from specific medications, the need to consume medications inside endorsed amounts, the need to keep away from the utilization of medications that are not recommended (Fought, Shorr, and Ray, 2010). The circumstance of the present patient is awful to such an extent that he is as of now displaying more prominent level of the reactions related with the abuse of chlordiazepoxide. For example the patient continually gives indications of disarray and carelessness (Chan, Lunn, and Donoghue, 2007). At the point when the patient is tuning in to given guidelines, he thinks that its hard to catch up to its obvious end result. Consequently, it is entirely expected to see that the patient will begin executing a specific order however after a brief time will redirect into accomplishing something different that was not inside the guidance. When some time additionally, the patient reports of languor and there have been times that the patient has really crumpled as an impact of the substance responses that the medication attempts in him. During a portion of these events notwithstanding, the patient can rapidly pick up awareness. Recently likewise, it has been found that the patient has begun creating skin emissions, yellow eyes and sickness (Keene, et al. 2007). Clinical finding demonstrates that the patient’s circumstance has come to such a level on the grounds that the patient really has intense inebriation with liquor. Therapeutically, this condition emerges because of exorbitant liquor content in the body of the patient. This state of intense inebriation with liquor isn't perfect for the admission of chlordiazepoxide however because of the low degree of training with respect to the patient, he continued joining these two circumstances till it has deteriorated (Tully, et al., 2012). This again clarifies the ignored job s of substance abuse attendants and the need to utilize the current paper to survey the national and neighborhood structure for medication in the United Kingdom setting and understudy the impact of these structures on the human services conveyance framework in United Kingdom. Diagram of National and Local Frameworks for Medicine Use As a country, the United Kingdom has exacting guidelines that direct the utilization of drugs. These guidelines come in two significant structures, which are national and nearby systems for medication use. The national systems fill in as the protected

The Subclass Pterygota and Its Subdivisions

The Subclass Pterygota and Its Subdivisions The subclass Pterygota incorporates a large portion of the world’s creepy crawly species. The name originates from the Greek pteryx, whichâ means â€Å"wings.† Insects in the subclass Pterygota have wings, or had wings once in their transformative history. Bugs in this subclass are called pterygotes. The primary recognizing highlight of pterygotes is the nearness of veined wings on the mesothoracic (second) and metathoracic (third) sections. These bugs likewise experience transformation, either basic or complete. Researchers accept creepy crawlies advanced the capacity to fly during the Carboniferous time frame, more than 300 million years prior. Creepy crawlies beat vertebrates to the skies by somewhere in the range of 230 million years (pterosaurs developed the capacity to fly around 70 million years back). Some bug bunches that were once winged have since lost this capacity to fly. Bugs, for instance, are firmly identified with flies, and are accepted to drop from winged predecessors. Albeit such bugs no longer bear useful wings (or any wings whatsoever, sometimes), they are as yet gathered in the subclass Pterygota because of their developmental history. The subclass Pterygota is additionally separated into two superorders †the Exopterygota and the Endopterygota. These are depicted beneath. Attributes of the Superorder Exopterygota: Creepy crawlies in this gathering experience a basic or deficient transformation. The existence cycle incorporates only three phases †egg, fairy, and grown-up. During the sprite stage, continuous change happens until the fairy looks like the grown-up. Just the grown-up stage has practical wings. Significant Orders in the Superorder Exopterygota: Countless natural creepy crawlies fall inside the superorder Exopterygota. Most bug orders are characterized inside this development, including: Request Ephemeroptera - mayfliesOrder Odonata - dragonflies and damselfliesOrder Orthoptera - crickets, grasshoppers and locustsOrder Phasmida - stick and leaf insectsOrder Grylloblattodea - rock crawlersOrder Mantophasmatodea - gladiatorsOrder Dermaptera - earwigsOrder Plecoptera - stonefliesOrder Embiidina - webspinnersOrder Zoraptera - holy messenger insectsOrder Isoptera - termitesOrder Mantodea - mantidsOrder Blattodea - cockroachesOrder Hemiptera - genuine bugsOrder Thysanoptera - thripsOrder Psocoptera - barklice and booklice Order Phthiraptera - gnawing and sucking lice Attributes of the Superorder Endopterygota: These bugs experience a total transformation with four phases †egg, hatchling, pupa, and grown-up. The pupal stage is idle (a rest period). At the point when the grown-up rises up out of the pupal stage, it has utilitarian wings. Requests in the Superorder Endopterygota: Most of the universes creepy crawlies experience total transformation, and are remembered for the superorder Endopterygota. The biggest of these nine creepy crawly arranges are: Request Coleoptera - beetlesOrder Neuroptera - nerve-winged insectsOrder Hymenoptera -ants, honey bees, and waspsOrder Trichoptera - caddisfliesOrder Lepidoptera -butterflies and mothsOrder Siphonoptera - fleasOrder Mecoptera - scorpion flies and hangingfliesOrder Strepsiptera - twistedwing parasitesOrder Diptera - genuine flies  Sources: Pterygota. Winged creepy crawlies.  Tree of Life Web Project. 2002. Adaptation 01 January 2002 David R. Madden. Accessed online September 8, 2015.Pterygota, pterygote. Gotten to online September 8, 2015.A Dictionary of Entomology,â edited by Gordon Gordh, David Headric.Borror and DeLongs Introduction to the Study of Insects, seventh version, by Charles A. Triplehorn and Norman F. Johnson.Subclass pterygota, by John R. Meyer, Department of Entomology, North Carolina State University. Gotten to online September 8, 2015.

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Home Schooling Essay -- essays papers

Self-teaching The discussion over self-teaching has been an interesting issue for some in the course of recent years. Self-teaching can be characterized as, â€Å"to instruct school subjects to one’s kids at home† (Merriam-Webster Online, 2003). In any case, the principle banter isn't about whether or not youngsters ought to be instructed at home; rather, the inquiry discussed is if self-taught kids are as readied socially as those kids who are customarily educated. In spite of the fact that rivals of self-teaching guarantee that kids who are instructed at home don't build up their social abilities at a similar rate as their friends who go to customary schools, inquire about discoveries demonstrate that understudies who are self-taught grow socially at a similar rate as the individuals who are customarily educated. Self-teaching began in when there were few schools. In any event, when progressively open and network schools opened up, customary gatherings like the Seventh Day Adventists and Mormons, decided to class their small kids at home. The Amish society kept their more seasoned kids out of the government funded schools and decided to teach them through life in the network. The development for self-teaching has gotten increasingly pervasive in cutting edge instruction. Numerous guardians select to instruct at home, regardless of whether it be for strict purposes or on the grounds that they are seeking after the way of thinking of youngster drove learning. Whatever the explanation behind self-teaching, it has become a dominating type of instruction in the public arena today (Lines, 1995). Society exacts numerous generalizations upon the individuals who â€Å"go against the norm.† Children who are self-taught are viewed as timid, detached, contemplative individuals who don't manage everything well in the public arena. It is accepted that guardians of self-taught youngsters are securing their chil... ...ooled peers. List of sources Aiex, N. (1994). Self-teaching and Socialization of Children. ERIC Digest. Recovered April 23, 2003, from Jaycox, R. (2001). Country Home Schooling and Place-Based Education. ERIC Digest. Recovered April 24, 2003, from Lines, P. (1995). Self-teaching. ERIC Digest, Number 95. Recovered April 23, 2003, from Merriam-Webster Online. (2003). Self-teach. Merriam-Webster, Incorporated. Recovered April 24, 2003, from National Home Education Research Institute. (2002). Home Education Research Fact Sheet. National Home Education Research Institute. Recovered April 24, 2003, from

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Splash. Was. Awesome.

Splash. Was. Awesome. I love everything about Splash. I love waking up at 8am on a Saturday and bouncing out of bed. I love wearing headphones in a hipster coffee shop, sipping an Earl Grey/white chocolate infusion and putting the finishing touches on my PowerPoint slides. I love walking back to campus, and squeezing past thousands THOUSANDS of middle- and high-school kids and their parents in the Infinite Corridor the former are bouncy and the latter are a little stressed out. They are all wide-eyed as they try to figure out where the heck theyre going. Our hallways arent the easiest to navigate, so volunteers stand every few dozen feet wearing fedoras and holding signs. I love slipping out of the human river and into the Bush Room, for teacher registration. To be fair, its no less chaotic in here, but the conversation snippets are fun to listen to. Dude, youre teaching THAT to MIDDLE SCHOOLERS? and howd swing dancing go? and food coming through! and ahh, I wish I could take your class! I love the free t-shirt. My current collection: three Splash shirts, two Spark shirts, one HSSP shirt, one Firestorm shirt. This one is my favorite. Its the first purple shirt I own, which is weird, since I like purple. The teacher lunch is okay. There isnt much pizza left by the time I arrive, unfortunately, and the remaining slices are covered in Balsamic vinaigrette. Im not a huge fan of salad dressing in general, and DEFINITELY not a huge fan of salad dressing on pizza. That said, Ive recently been broadening my pizza horizons I used to be a strictly mozzarella, or mozzarella and pepperoni and/or mushrooms, or Hawaiian, kind of girl, but have taken to enjoying  butternut squash/blue cheese/candied walnut pizza and barbecue chicken pizza as well. I sign in, shove a bread roll in my mouth, and elbow my way through the hall and up the stairs to my first classroom. I LOVE arriving early, and seeing the number of kids waiting for my class: a dozen, maybe, or more. People want to learn about what I want to teach! Perfect. I love that the classroom fills up. 40 kids, for my one-hour Introduction to Pulsars class. I ask who thinks he/she traveled the furthest to get to Splash. 7-8 hands go up. A girl says shes from Ottawa, and 5 of those hands go down. Another kid is from Wyoming. Yet another is from Boulder, Colorado: he wins. I realize that these 2900 (we got 2900!) kids are traveling to MIT from all around the country, just to hear MIT students teach about subjects they love. Before I start talking about pulsars, I make a deal with the class. They are not allowed to be shy about raising their hands and asking questions and, in return, I pledge to answer every single question. I hand out notecards, so that they can give me whatever questions remain at the end of class I will type up answers and e-mail them, I promise. They gasp and look thrilled when I say that I am going to do that. I LOVE MY STUDENTS. They fill an awkwardly-shaped classroom, but even the ones at the back sit up straight and lean forward to listen to me. They raise their hands, dont shout out, and arent disrespectful of each other or me. They laugh at my bad jokes and ask wonderful questions. This is my first time teaching a Splash class on my research, since I only started work on pulsars over the summer. I get a high off of teaching about something that I am knowledgeable about. When students ask me questions, I know enough that I either know the answer off the top of my head or can make an educated guess and the best part is that I can accompany it with a story from my summer internship. I show a picture of the pulsar I discovered, and they all freak out. At the end of class, I collect the notecards; they say things like youre a great teacher! and keep up the great work! and you have so much energy I can tell you really love the subject and ask questions like what resources would you recommend if I want to do more search on pulsars? and are there any Citizen Science programs to help look for pulsars? Another notecard reads: I wish we could have gone into pulsars in more depth. When I e-mail the kids my answers, I write: Me too. I book it to my next class: Topics in Modern Physics, 48 kids. Different kids, with one or two exceptions. I wave at the familiar faces they smile back and I sit through friends talks on relativity and the 2011 Nobel Prize before giving a 7-minute presentation on pulsars. I pass off the baton to another friend, who talks about exoplanets, and then another, who talks about the the LHC. Done for the day. That night, my friend Megan sleeps over. Shes visiting from Yale because of the Harvard-Yale football game (which MIT has won, by the way.) Shes a Middle East Studies major the ONLY Middle East Studies major in her year and spent a summer in Morocco to improve her Arabic. Thats so cool. I want to learn Arabic. I want to learn about Islam. I ask her for a lesson. We get drinks, snacks, and sit on the mattress-top I put on the floor for her. She teaches me about the history of Islam and I pick her brains. Suggestion: get everyone you know to teach you about their favorite topic or hobby. Its so much more efficient and more enjoyable, in my opinion than ploughing through a textbook. The next morning, we roll out of our respective beds at 8:30; we had a late night. I walk her to the train station, and return to the coffee shop to make the finishing touches on my Introduction to Radio Astronomy PowerPoint. Im more nervous about this one; I dont know the topic as well as I do pulsars. Fortunately for my nerves, my first class of the day is on pulsars. 11am, and 25 kids this time. They ask questions and send me on this tangent and that tangent, and by the end I feel like they must know as much about pulsars as I do.  Afterwards, I hang out with a few of them and discuss majoring in physics at MIT. I realize that Im already a junior in college and must seem very old to these high schoolers. At about noon, I process what is coming. 100 middle school kids are registered for my afternoon Introduction to Radio Astronomy class. A hundred. Ive never taught Middle School kids for Splash. They might be disruptive, and I dont know how to keep 100 kids in line. They might find radio astronomy boring. They might find me boring. I have a minor panic meltdown, and my friend Sam texts me saying he will sit in on the class and smile at me from the audience. Hes awesome. At 3:05pm, the class begins. I make the same deal with them as I made with my high schoolers, and give each a notecard. Sam tells me later that the kids around him were ooh-ing and ahh-ing at all the awesome space pictures on my title slide. Its a big room. There are a lot of kids. But standing up on that platform, I feel totally at-ease. Thats what happens when I teach; Im frantic right up until I start talking, and then Im confident. And the kids LOVE radio astronomy. They love the pictures, they love space, they want to know more about black holes and the cosmic microwave background and whether anyone has died from exposure to radio waves*. I show them a picture of myself climbing in a radio dish of the Very Large Array in New Mexico. Occasionally, they get a little chatty, but all it takes to silence them is a brief hey, guys, sorry I dont mind you talking, but unfortunately since were a big class that means I cant hear your classmates when they ask questions. shhhhh. *Ummm. Notthat Im aware of? I collect notecards at the end.One girl writes, Tell more personal experiences! Like when you climbed that dish over the summer. Another asks what Hz stands for, and I feel guilty for not explaining that in my talk. Last class of the day: another radio astronomy class, for 33 middle schoolers. For many of them, its their last Splash class of the entire weekend. By the end, I am addressing each question-asker by name, which seems to thrill them. One kid goes by hat man. They also write nice feedback on their notecards and continue to ask wonderful questions. And then I go home, take off my teacher badge, and suddenly Splash is over. They werent shy, they picked my brain with questions. They fulfilled their end of the deal. I e-mail out all the answers to all their questions, fulfilling my end of the deal. The next day, I get an e-mail back from a parent, saying that her middle school son can not stop raving about the radio astronomy class; she wants to know if I can teach him about radio astronomy in more detail, one-on-one. I feel bad, and tell her that I cant do that. Then, a middle school girl e-mails me, addressing me as Miss Anna (AWWWW!), and explaining that she is homeschooled and wants more resources to learn about radio astronomy. I realize that there really isnt a whole lot out there for kids to learn about radio astronomy most of the websites I find are pretty complicated. I think about how that can be fixed. She wants to know about my interest in radio astronomy, the class I took in high school, and my career plans. I tell her that before the summer I wanted to be a brain doctor, and now I want to be an astrophysicist. I tell her that Im so glad to hear that shes interested in science and astronomy and I am. I realize that these kids dont just come for the classes they come to take classes from us, specifically. From MIT kids! Smart, scientist big-kids, who can give them life advice. They see us as role models and all we have to do is talk about a topic we like. Woah. That night, I sit down at my computer, and start planning what classes Im going to teach for Spark and HSSP in the spring. Right now, my friend Eric and I are planning to co-teach an HSSP class called eight calculations that changed science or eight calculations that everyone should do / learn about at least once in their lives or something like that. Ideas include: calculating the expansion rate of the universe, demonstrating the necessity of special relativity when dealing with incident cosmic ray muons, using Maxwells equations to show that light travels at c, something to do with the uncertainty principle in quantum mechanics. If you have ideas, let me know!  The kids will appreciate it.

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Six Calming Answers to Six Panicky Questions about High School English for Homeschoolers

by Lee Binz Teaching English in high school can be an anxious endeavor. We can’t think of anyone better to calm nerves than Lee Binz, founder of The Home Scholar. If you enjoy this article, you can also view the recordings of two recent webinars with Lee:  Ã¢â‚¬Å"How to Count IEW Courses for High School Credit†Ã‚  and  Ã¢â‚¬Å"A Homeschool Parent's  Guide to Grades, Credits, and Transcripts.†    I get lots of questions from homeschool moms and dads, and many of them are about how to cover high school English. Let me answer all your burning questions and satisfy your desires for simple answers and easy-to-implement plans for next year. I promise it’s not complicated! You’ll feel confident as soon as you finish this short article!    1. What is high school English, anyway? English class is the study of communication skills in our language. There are three basic communication skills involved: writing, reading, and speaking. Each English class can focus on just one, two, or all three skills: Writing skills can include spelling, grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, penmanship, composition, reports, poetry, and prose. Reading skills can include reading (for fun and school, including fiction, non-fiction, and poetry), reading aloud, reading speed, and reading comprehension. Speaking skills can include public speaking, speech, and debate. 2. What is required for high school students?  Ã‚   Your student needs four English credits. Generally this means one credit per year of high school that includes writing and reading at your student’s level. An English credit means about an hour a day spent on writing activities. This might include video instruction, writing, worksheets, vocabulary study, writing in a journal, spelling, or grammar. There are so many reasons your student needs good writing skills. Writing is important for college and career, job applications, and essay tests. Even as adults, we use our writing skills every day as we communicate with others. Daily practice will help skills improve. Try to have your student spend about half an hour to an hour reading each day. It doesn’t matter how many books your student reads—six to sixty per year is normal.    3. What is a high school credit? A credit is a measurement of how long and hard the student worked, at either high school age or high school level. High school credits can be counted by textbooks. For example, one math textbook equals one high school credit. But with subjects like English, there is usually no textbook involved. Instead, the credit can be measured by counting or estimating how many hours you spend on English. As long as your student has completed between 120–180 hours or more while working on English, you can count the class as one whole high school credit. Don’t bother counting every five-minute interval; it’s much easier than that. Simply estimate the number of hours spent on instruction, practice, and work. If your student works for about one or two hours per day a day on English over the course of the school year, five to ten hours per week, it will add up to one credit of high school English. Remember, that time includes reading, plus writing, plus any vocabulary or grammar workbooks, or time spent on other English skills.    4. How do I know it’s high school level? Parents can get a little anxious about ensuring their student is grade level in English. Consider it high school level when your students are high school age. Your job is to keep their assignments challenging, so they keep learning. At the same time, the assignments should not be overwhelming, or your students won’t be able to keep up. So purchase the English level that you think is a good fit for them. Your goal is to teach your students something new and help them practice until it becomes easier for them. If you ask your students to do something they can’t possibly do, they will have trouble. Eventually, they may lose confidence, lose the love of learning, and end up hating to read and write. It’s better to meet your students below grade level than speed them through grade level so fast that they fail. Ultimately, choosing the appropriate curriculum for their ability is the best choice for high school English.    5. How do I calculate grades? Not all subjects include tests, even in high school. In English, it’s important to guide a student and provide feedback on what he has written. Tests aren’t always helpful for English, but you still need to provide a grade on your high school transcript. To do that, you can estimate your student’s performance. There are lots of ways to estimate grades, but these are my low-stress grading suggestions: â€Å"A† This is a 4.0, which means your student demonstrates mastery and meets your high expectations. It can also mean the child loves the subject, and the parent is pleased with his performance. â€Å"B† This is a 3.0, which indicates your student did pretty well. You are confident it was not worth an A, and you might even be slightly annoyed with his performance. â€Å"C† This is a 2.0, meaning the student really didn’t do very well. You may be really annoyed and perhaps disappointed, but you kept going to the next level the following year.    6. How do I accommodate for special learning styles?   Every child is unique. Homeschoolers have the freedom to teach to their level. When your children are outside the â€Å"norm,† whether they’re struggling learners or gifted learners, your focus should remain the same. Focus on learning. You want your student to learn the skills involved in the subject. Students who are high school age earn high school credit when they’re in high school. Think about it. If your struggling learner were in public school, every class would be on his high school transcript, even if he were working below grade level. Everything he achieved in high school would appear on his transcript. It’s the same for our homeschool. High school age students earn high school credit, no matter what their level. Ultimately, teaching English boils down to teaching the ability to communicate verbally and in writing and to absorb what they read. These skills are so important for college and for adult life! Lee’s mission is to encourage and equip parents to homeschool through high school. You can find her online at or on Facebook at